The Urban Scale Sustainability Compass | About
The Sustainability Compass - a tool for analysing and orienting urban scale projects.
urban scale sustainability urban planning analysis assessment decision making tool
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BUUR is a young multi-disciplinary urbanism office based in Leuven, Belgium.  We developed this compass to address demands by clients to prove how sustainable our projects were.  Proving how sustainable a project is starts at the beginning, not the end of a project.  We found that as practitioners, there was no existing solution that fitted our needs and certainly no solutions that allowed us to navigate the complex area of sustainability.

The Compass has become part of our daily practice and for this reason we choose to exclude the ‘sustainability’ part from the title.  It is malleable and flexible, allowing us to adapt it to a broad variety of situations.  For this reason, we aim to place Compass at the centre of our work process.

We will continue a discussion on Twitter on urban scale sustainability – please join us by using the hashtag #urbanscalesustainability.

For more information on BUUR or the project, don’t hesitate to say hello: